For the first time, North America’s largest snowsports tradeshow, SIA, combined with OR, the biggest show in the outdoor industry, to create one massive show that filled every corner of the Colorado Convention Center. For four days, the building with the Blue Bear was abuzz with more micro-puff-clad folks than the first day of fall in Boulder. Retailers, vendors, media, and a handful of those who just snuck in for the free beer were treated to a display of a massive amount of 2018/2019 snowboard product on display alongside the hiking boots, coolers and overpriced fur collars from our outdoor and two-plank counterparts. There’s no place like a trade show to find some inventions that no one ever needed. But now that the booths are packed and the fog is beginning to lift from our brains, we’ve compiled a list a gallery of pieces we’re psyched to ride next season.