Quimbola Man is back! One of the original snowboard outerwear companies is starting up again after closing shop in November (see issue 6#4).

“We didn’t want to see the Quimbola Man name die,” says Peter Dillon, the Quimbola’s new owner. Dillon, who also owns Court Jesters Hat Co., says he was in the market for a new product when he heard that Quimbola Man was for sale, and at ISPO he finalized the purchase.

“We barely had a line ready in time for Vegas,” says Dillon. “And now we’re putting together a new look for next year.”

Dillon says that Quimbola Man lost a lot of credibility in the past year due to poor management and lack of shipping. According to Dillon, part of the rebuilding entails lowering the prices, while maintaining the quality and the one-year guarantee on all products. “We’re shipping a small amount this year, but we hope to improve next year.”