New Cinema: Euro Gap 3


The original Euro Gap.

New Cinema: Euro Gap 3

Not to be confused with some extreme, death-defying jump performed by a crazed Frenchman, Euro Gap is indeed a snowboard video of sorts. Euro Gap 1 and 2 were made in the late nineties by Finnish snowboarders Joni Malmi and Paavo Tikkanen. They were no-budget shred flicks the two made just for fun. Ten years later a new posse of Scandos is back and they’re pulling the video out of hibernation. Eero Ettala and filmer Jaakko Itäaho sparked things up with Joni Malmi and now it’s on. They’ve amassed a tight, heavy hitting crew of European riders and linked up with Pablo Films. So far they’ve mashed through Russia, Japan, Italy and all throughout Scandinavia. The full-length movie will be released for free this fall at Till then, front man Jaakko Itäaho took a few minutes to tell us what the whole project is all about.

People in the States might think Euro Gap is some extreme jump or something. Could you clarify for the masses what a 'Euro Gap’ is?
Haha! A lot of people think this is like a full Euro style movie cause they don’t realize the name actually means something. A 'Euro Gap’ is the gap people leave between their goggles and beanie if you wear them loose. (Called a ‘gaper gap’ stateside). It comes from Middle Europe 'cause a lot of people over there have wack steeze. Look, Paris Hilton has a proper Eurogap right here:

Heikki Sorsa and Paris Hilton sporting her Euro gap. Photo: XXXX

Heikki Sorsa and Paris Hilton sporting her Euro gap. Photo: From Heikki's camera.

What resurrected the Euro Gap project? Why now?
Well, I just had enough of making mainstream shred movies. I had three amazing years working for MDP with Brad Kremer. We left to come up with something new, but ended up working for the Burton movie last year. Well, things with the B didn’t go quite as we expected, and here’s the result. Brad quit filming snowboarding and I almost did the same.
Last fall, while I was filming some commercial stuff here in Finland I ended up talking to Joni Malmi about doing few trips for fun and coming up with a no-budget movie just for fun. Just like him and Paavo Tikkanen did ten years back with Eurogap One and Two. Then we mentioned our plans to some other pros in Finland and pretty much just started a new production…accidentally.

How did the crew come together?
I think the main step was when Eero Ettala told me he wanted to film a video part for this project. I’ve worked with him a lot in the past, but it was a big deal for me to get a superstar like him onboard just like that. That’s when I asked everyone, a bit more seriously, if they wanted to work on this as their main film project. Everyone seemed stoked, so we started asking for sponsors. I didn’t want to deal with any crew bigger than this, so that’s why we didn’t get any more international blood.

Where have you been filming this year?
We started off filming urban stuff on our backyard of Helsinki, Finland, just like we’re used to. Then the crew split, one half went to Japan and the other did a road trip to middle Europe. Everyone just got back home and now I think we’re heading to Sweden and to the U.S. next.

What can we expect from Euro Gap3?
People doing their own thing again.
It’s going to be free-streaming movie, so we’re not trying to make any profit by selling it. We just want to make something we like and try not to feel the pressure of getting shots.
At this point I usually have a pretty good idea of how the movie is going to look, but this time I really have no idea.

What are some highlights from the season?
We got tons of snow here in Helsinki this year, so it was pretty cool. We could hit some stuff we’ve been looking for a while now.

Who’s the dirtiest one in the crew?
That must be Fredu… no doubt.

Euro Gap is: Eero Ettala, Heikki Sorsa, Hampus Mosesson, Joni Malmi, Niki Korpela, Fredu Sirviö and Markku Koski. Follow their pursuits at

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