It gives Fall Line Ltd. great pleasure to announce the formation of Document Snowboard magazine, which will launch mid September 2000.

We have received unsurpassed backing from our colleagues & friends within the industry with an incredible 130+ pages of advertising already pledged. We would like to give our thanks to all of you for your confidence and support, and assure you that it is well founded…

DOCUMENT SNOWBOARD will combine the talent of some of the biggest names in the snowboarding galaxy, with a combined experience of over 500 years! Eddie Spearing, Godfather of British snowboarding will be closely involved in all areas, particularly product testing and our very own ‘better’ board test. Jason Horton, poached from his high-flying career at Onboard magazine, will be wearing the editor’s hat. Ex SUKmaster-of-all-trades Nathan Gallagher will continue to escalate his writing, shooting and moving-and-shaking activities in the name of DOCUMENT SNOWBOARD, as will respected senior photographer Sang Tan and UK snowboard guru Ian Samson. Combine these guys with the people who bring you FALL LINE and DOCUMENT SKATEBOARDING, and you better get ready for a magazine that’s so fresh, cool and tasty, it’s going to give you an ice cream headache. Great photos, great stories, great product reviews, great travel. It’s going to be great.

We’ll keep you in the loop over the coming months by email – detailing what’s happening across all aspects of the new publication – editorial, photographic, wholesale distribution levels, features, who’s doing what, hook-up’s, or our latest media coup perhaps. As we know, we’ll let you know.

Proudly brought to you by:

Eddie Spearing – Co-Publisher ( Jason Horton – Editor ( Nathan Gallagher – Photographer ( Ian Samson – Editorial Consultant Sang Tan – Photographer Richard Holland – Design Jonno Tuohey – Co-publisher / Advertising (