DENVER,COLORADO- Never Summer Snowboards would like to announce the addition of new team rider, Scott Ensminger. Ensminger lives in the Lake Tahoe area and also rides for 686 Clothing and Ass Industries. Scott is kind of a short guy, but he goes big.

I know what you are thinking, “Never Summer has a team?” Duh. Of course we have a team. But instead of wasting our time chasing the latest cool-guy team rider we’ve found a group of rippers who support and ride our boards because they like the way they ride, not because of how deep our pockets are. You may not see them in the magazines too much, but you will see them dominating your local mountain.

The 2000/2001 Never Summer team consists of: Scott Grevious, Gary Wyman, Jason Ray, Travis Young, Ian Kirk, Scott Ensminger, Aaron Roskowski, Marta Bolens, Molly Eide and Crystal Young.