Negative temps and positive vibes at Tyrol Basin TransAM

Negative temps and positive vibes at Tyrol Basin TransAM


Photos and captions: Greg Furey

Words: Lucky Lopez

The TransAM crew spotted cows and feasted on cheese curds this past weekend in Wisconsin for stop #4 of the TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM event hosted by Tyrol Basin Ski & Snowboard Area. The negative wind chill conditions did not keep an energetic crowd away from cheering on over 80 of Wisconsin’s best amateur snowboarders at the 12th annual TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM event. Cody Trapp and the Tyrol Basin Ski & Snowboard area park crew tweaked the features for the TransAM park and the competitors used there creativity to excite the crowds and impress the judges on the features from the Transworld SNOWboarding TransAM sponsors: Ride Snowboards, Anon, Analog, Zumiez, Giro, Muscle Milk and High Cascade Snowboard Camp



The finals of the TransAM at Tyrol Basin showcased solid hand plants on the Giro jersey barrier wall ride, backside & frontside rodeos off of the Ride Snowboards spine feature, backside and front side 360 gaps over the Anon stair case to down rail and some one foot mushroom taps over the Zumiez couch feature. Kyle Kelley (1st Place) came up on top with his consistent riding all day long. TJ Homan landed 2nd place  also walking away with the Zumiez best trick award for his one footed boardslide fastplant on the Tyrol Basin down bar. Benny Milam finished 3rd on the podium to qualify for the TransAM finals at Big Bear, CA on March 15, 2014.


Kaleah Opal ruled the day for the ladies and landed the top podium spot with super solid tricks on all features but most notably the Anon step up double rail to take (1st Place). Tanya Zarling (2nd place) showcased impressive with her work on the Muscle Milk barrel to rail feature. Katie Kloes finished 3rd on the podium nailing bangers all day on the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Marshmallow feature. All 3 girls secured their spot for the Transworld SNOWboarding TransAM finals at Big Bear, CA.


Congratulations to the top three Guys and Gals that qualified for the Transworld SNOWboarding TransAM Finals at Big Bear Mountain, CA on March 15, 2014. First Placers Kyle Kelley & Kaleah Opal walked away with flight vouchers to Finals courtesy of Zumiez, VIP treatment for the finals weekend on behalf of Transworld SNOWboarding, snowboards from Ride, and the coveted TransAM bling chain necklace trophy!

All Winners also received tons of awesome product including High Cascade backpacks, Anon goggles, Analog outerwear, Giro Helmets and Zumiez gift cards, and gear from Ride Snowboards. Competitors also had a chance to win raffle prizes and were treated to a Tyrol Basin Ski and Snowboard Area TransAM pizza party after the jam packed award ceremony.

The prestigious Muscle Milk Riders Choice Award, as voted by the competitors, went to Ryan McCoy, he took home an American Express gift card, a custom Muscle Milk backpack, and a case of Muscle Milk for his efforts.

The Zumiez Best Trick Award in the form of $500 cold hard Zumiez dollars went to TJ Homan for his 1 footed boardslide fastplant on the tyrol basin down bar.

Pint Size Ripper award of the 2014 Transworld SNOWboarding TransAM tour at Tyrol Basin Ski and Snowboard Area went to Wesley Muresan.

Special thanks to Cody Trapp and the Tyrol Basin Ski and Snowboard Area park crew for their great work on the Transworld SNOWboarding TransAM park and their help on the day of the event. Special thanks to the TransAM sponsors for making stop  #4 of the TransAM a huge success: Ride Snowboards, Zumiez, Anon Optics, Analog, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Muscle Milk and Giro.  See you in Keystone, CO!!



1. Kyle Kelley

2. TJ Homan

3. Benny Milam


1. Kaleah Opal

2. Tanya Zarling

3. Katie Kloes

Zumiez Best Trick:

TJ Homan

1 footed boardslide fastplant on the tyrol basin down bar

Pint Size Ripper Award

Wesley Muresan

Best Crash

Lucas Sweeney

Muscle Milk Rider’s Choice:

Ryan McCoy

trans am tyrol basin wisconsin 2014 oliver larson photo greg furey

Oliver Larson. 2014 TransAM at Tyrol Basin, Wisconsin. Photo: Greg Furey