Nanshan Open

China might not be the snowboarding capital of the world, but it sure felt like it this last weekend in Nanshan Ski Resort. It started off with the qualifying round for the Nanshan Open on Saturday where the Mellow Park Tour came to an end. Alan Wong took the grand prize, a trip to Austria to participate in this years Method Boot Camp care of Austrian Airlines. He selflessly gave up the opportunity and surprised China’s best girly Yindi with the honor so she can visit her sister and ride the big mountains for her first time.

Next up was the 4th Snickers Nanshan Open, where the ten best riders from the previous day rode with International Pros from all over the world. This was the second year the Nanshan Open invited pros to ride with Chinese riders, and they made the crowd go wild as they destroyed the Nanshan Mellow Park. The contest was jam session format, meaning riders can take as many runs as they can over a 45 minute period. The pros judged the locals and the locals judged the pros. We saw the best riding in the country mixed with mind boggling tricks from our foreign friends, all this while ‘Reflector’ filled our ears with local Beijing Punk Rock provided by Gibson.

Andrew ‘Oy’ Wilde was on a Snickers high and was voted best local with a sick run through the park. He is the ‘rail destroyer’ with his 270 On 270 Off, butter to fs tailslide and other sick combos on the rails and boxes. We hope he spends his prize money wisely but we know that he is going to spend it on booze. Other highlights included Fanlei with his old school tricks like Rocket Airs and Girlfriend grabs, moves we haven’t seen for way too long. Yindi, is the only gal in the country pulling huge fives over the big kicker and she took home a top of the line Nokia mobile for her 4th time this year!

The pros were going off, with a final showdown between Jonte Edvardson (Sweden) who did the most stylish grabs, Mone Monsberger (Austria) who rocked the hip with the biggest airs mainland China has ever seen and Jonas Emery (France) who just went crazy all day long. They threw down sick combos and went bigger than we have ever seen. Mone was victorious with his one-foot over the big kicker and he popped off front flips every chance he got. He’ll be rocking all the way home with his sick new Gibson E-guitar. Jonte, our undisputed style champion was going huge over the hip tweaking it like mad, making every girl want to have his baby with huge, huge, huge tricks over the corner. Mone on the other hand showed us a trick never seen before, the “beer-plant These guys really gave us a show, and I think we all learned a few lessons today, especially from the Free-Skier kids who were going the biggest out of everyone.

This was really the best event China has ever seen and we thank everyone for coming out! See you next year!

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