Name the Beaver Contest

The Beaver Needs A Name

Thanks to our friends in the “New York” offices, we've learned a lot about marketing, icons, branding, and logo recognition. We were in a meeting a couple months ago with some of the “New York Guys” who ultimately publish this magazine, when they suggested we needed a new gimmick. Something to get the readers excited, something to really get the name out, something our readers could recognize. Something like a mascot. We weren't convinced. We remind them that we're the number one snowboard magazine in the world–why would we need a gimmick? Then they said, “Look what Animal did for the Olympics.”

Wow! They were right, we needed a mascot, too. So, after months of market research designed to discover what animal best represented us, “New York” told us about the beaver. Apparently, we are viewed as a bunch of beavers, and we couldn't agree more!

Since this isn't just our mascot, it's your mascot, too, we would like you, the readers, to help us come up with a name. As an extra incentive, if we choose the name you submit, you'll get boots from Vans and a year's subscription to our mag.

Submit your suggestions by April 15, 2000. Include your name, phone number, address, and a stamp to: Name Our Beaver, TransWorld SNOWboarding, 353 Airport Road, Oceanside, CA 92054.