Mt. Bachelor Trans-Am

Saturday, February 28th, Mt. Bachelor hosted the second annual TransWorld SNOWboarding Trans-Am, presented by Campbell’s Soup at Hand, showing all of us in attendance once again, that the Northwest is nothing less than a breeding ground for emerging talent.

The day started out with blue bird skies and a HCSC Enter the Dragon competition where riders from all around the area came to showcase their talents in the monthly slopestyle competition that acted as a qualifying series for the USASA Nationals competition taking place in New Mexico later this month. Riders of all ages spent the morning oooing and awing the judges in hopes for selection to compete in one of the thirty-five spots set aside for them in the Trans-Am.

Jardine Hammond of TransWorld spent the morning herding her diligent (and attractive) worker bees around the course trying to get everything set up in time for the selection process which would launch us into an extremely humorous and memorable Mt. Bachelor Trans-Am.

As the Smith Limo loomed in the distance, the wanna be competitors salivated for the invite passes that Jardine wagged around while belting out name after name through her trusty bull-horn. One by one the soldiers emerged from the crowd and made their way up the modest little hill to take aim at, for some, a mouth full of diamond plate, and others smooth, styley lines.

Ten minutes of practice opened the field for the jam style format where riders took as many hits as possible at the Smith limo or an easier orange rail before hitting up the mini quarterpipe box allowing for numerous possibilities and combinations.

Dan Reisch, a Bend local and the usual event announcer in these parts held it down with his super-human ability to recognize and remember ever masked kid’s name, helping to get the crowd stoked out on the ridiculous competition that we were all witnessing. Dave Reynolds freestyle coach for Mount Bachelor Ski Education Foundation (MBSEF) had his eight year olds absolutely killing it on the orange rail, one rockin’ his tongue out the whole way while the older kids in his group where destroying the Smith rail, one said rider, Austin Smith, showed us what was up with a 270 on, 270 off the limo.

“I thought that was pretty good, earlier today though I had really good style with my arms all up in the air over the jumps. I’ve really been working on that,” said Austin.

Martin Ciszek stuck a rump slide Iika style off the Limo, while Chip Butts threw down styly front lips, followed closely by his Bend crew Chris James and Squirrel with too much good stuff to name. For the ladies, Celeste Rhodes of Boardsports in Eugene, Oregon was layin’ it down with such smooth boardslides on the limo that people where really wondering what she ate for breakfast. Lilly McCabe from Ashland was giving Celeste a run for her money while Levi Gilkenson riding for Black Bomb tossed his lanky frame into a front flip off the end of the limo causing the judges to start holding on for the battle that would undoubtedly ensue.

After nearly an hour Jardine called it quits for the comp and rounded everyone up for a product dash complete with tons of free stuff from the sponsors. Stuff from Smith, Ride, Campbell’s Soup at Hand, Zumiez, Quicksilver, DaKine, Red Bull and of course TWS sent the kiddies on the road down the hill to the pizza party content and ready to stuff their faces.

John Dough’s hosted the “after party” where the winners were announced in the usual format. Thayne Mahler, however, added a little humor to the show by presenting Austin Smith with the “Rubber Foot Award” which was formerly part of his prosthetic leg, which apparently, he didn’t need anymore. Thayne said he usually would give the winner some snow gear from his vault but for some reason or another that didn’t suffice this year, and the kids where awed by his contribution otherwise. All in all the comp went awesome, the mood however, changed when a far off cell phone ranng with the news of the passing of TWS friend Josh Malay.

That was the cue to pack it up, leaving the winners with arms full of swag and everyone else with a belly full of pizza, so goes another TransWorld Trans-Am...

-Special thanks to Christy Chaloux and HCSC, Jimmy Hayes and Mt. Bachelor, Kim Bohnsack, Thayne, Tyler Dewilde, Zach Horowitz, Anthony and Ross from Campbell’s Soup at at Hand, and the TA sponsors.

Josh Malay, we miss you.


Mini Quarterpipe Box
Brice Neibuhr

Orange Rail
1. Seth Hill
2. Justin Norman

Smith Limo Rail
1. Austin Smith
2. Wyeth Jorgenson
3. Zach Owen

Overall Girl:
Celeste Rhodes

Honorable Mention
Lilly McCabe

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