Moves With Jussi Oksanen

Switch Backside 180 With Jussi Oksanen

You’ll need to get very comfortable riding switch stance first before trying a switch back 180. Before you go for it, check your speed with some regular and comfortable tricks first. You have to know the speed needed really well for this one, because with this trick you’re blind all the way through the spin.-Jussi Oksanen

1. Make a couple of mellow setup turns, and approach the jump like you were doing a switch straight air. Keep your body relaxed, but still primed for the trick.

2. Bend your knees a bit so you’re ready to pop an ollie off the takeoff, keeping your weight slightly on your back foot-this helps to achieve the maximum “pop” off the lip.

3. Follow the takeoff all the way to the end on your base, or just a little bit on the toeside edge. Keep your shoulders straight in line with the slope. Snap that ollie.

4. Don’t start spinning until you’re in the air, otherwise it’s super hard to keep it in control and you can easily start to spin too fast and over rotate. Look down so you can see where you’re grabbing-grip it!

5. Spin very slowly, turning your shoulders toward your backside direction, staying low and compact so you maintain balanced all the way through the move.

6. Tweak and keep looking down so you know where you are throughout the spin and if you need to correct your rotation by slowing or speeding it up.

7. Still the same deal: spin slowly and keep tweaking.

8. You’re finishing off the rotation-keep looking down so you can spot the landing.

9. Keep looking at the landing spot, let your grab go and try to keep your body balanced. Keep your shoulders straight in line with the slope and keep your body strong. Think of landing with your weight slightly on your toe edge, this way you won’t over rotate and you’ll have more room for error if your spin comes up a little short.

10. Booyah!

For more direction get MDP’s Jumping With Jussi at