Moves With JP Solberg

Corked Backside 540s With JP Solberg

Corked-out back fives are fun. They won’t get you any ass, but any trick that’s hard to pull off feels good. They’re a lot sicker in powder, too, ’cause you won’t bust your head open if you fall and it makes the trick a lot harder to land.

1. Coming up on the kicker, you want to have enough speed to clear the shit zone and hit the sweet spot-if you already know your speed, then it’s all good.

2. If you tend to drift, cruise up the transition slightly on your heel edge all mellow and straight until right before you leave the lip, then transition onto your toe edge for takeoff. It’s also okay to approach flat based-’cause all you really need is speed, lean, and some pop.

3. When you’re leaving the lip, try to get some serious pop, and rotate like you would for a normal back 360 spin, but tuck and look toward the tail of your board-the rotation is actually easier if you huck it.

4. If you’ve done everything right, you’re rotating off axis, and you should pick a grab-the mute grab will help you get corked. Go for it and just hold on ’til the timing and rotation bring you back around with your feet faced down. If you have enough momentum, the entire motion is pretty much automatic.

5. When that 540-degree rotation is all up, you should be very close to landing on your feet-you’re gonna have to put it down blind, too! Most likely you’ll land looking uphill, ’cause if you look for the landing on this one you usually over rotate-not good!

6. Show what your legs are made of and stomp that shit! On the hill we always say, “It’s better to go over the bars than to sit down on a trick.” Just hold on-it’s easy to think you need to lean back like crazy, but if you keep your weight centered, you’re solid.

7. When you land it, don’t wave your hands and claim it like you’ve won the lottery-keep it casual. You wouldn’t go crazy if you were dealt a sick hand at the poker table. No claiming; it doesn’t look good. Now go see if you can do it again.

Tip: Landing this one in powder is hard because your backside momentum will throw you onto your heel edge-then it’s straight to your ass. Your best bet is to set this trick down slightly on your toe edge or at least totally flat based.

Utah backcountry. Sequence: Stan Evans