Moves: Switch Backside 540 with Gaetan Chanut

1. Always keep a low-profile position approaching the jump. Drop in switch, looking at the lip the whole time. If the runway is too sketchy for this-you need to make it smoother.

2. Straighten your body a bit as you ride up the jump and lean slightly on your toes-you’ll get a proper pop, and avoid catching the heel edge. The trick is not to carve, but to slide on the jump.

3. Look over your shoulder to guide your rotation in the correct direction.

4. The 360 is going to be really fast, so get ready to reach and grab. Poke with a nice style.

5. The last 180 will take longer, as grabbing slows the rotation. At this point you could almost think you’re doing a frontside 360.

6. Look in between the bindings to judge your distance from the ground. Don’t look over your shoulder-you will end up over-rotating onto your butt.

7. The finish on this trick is a blind one-you’ll see the landing for a second in the air, then lose it. Hit the snow and stomp it.

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CaptionWhistler. Sequence: Eric Berger