Moves – Switch Backside 360 With J-F Pelchat

Before trying switch backside 360s, you should be comfortable riding switch all around the mountain-and hitting park jumps switch. If not, go to your home mountain and practice switch riding on the easy stuff first.

If you think that your level of riding is mind-blowing, but you still haven’t learned the basics, well, this is the trick for you.

1. Before hitting any jump, I suggest you visualize yourself doing the trick in your head-it’ll give you the confidence that you need. You can also go buy The Big Blind and watch me show you how this trick is done.

2. Now you’re ready. Approach the jump with enough speed to clear the table, gap, or whatever it is you’re jumping. Set up with a slight heelside turn just before the jump-this way, your body will be in the perfect position for a toeside takeoff.

3. Look at the lip to identify where you want to leave the jump, and at the same time, apply pressure to your toeside edge. Leave the lip with your lower body centered on your board and your head and leading shoulder rotating toward your back foot.

4. You might be in the air wondering what to do now, but don’t panic. Grab your board wherever feels most comfortable-by this time, you should be close to completing a 180 (half of the rotation).

5. Hold the grab as long as you can. You’ve spun over the 180 mark by now and the landing will quickly become clear. Now you’ll know if you should’ve gone faster or slower. In any case, get ready for a hard hit.

6. If you’re still flying with me, then prepare the landing gear. Gently let go of the grab while keeping your eyes ever-focused on the landing.

7. Concentrate, and absorb the impact, keeping your core tight. Now ride away looking ahead-bravo!

Tip: Switch back 360s are easy to stomp, ’cause you can spot the landing early. The takeoff might be scary, but once you pass the 180 mark, you can easily spot your landing. The second half of the move is basically just a frontside 180!


Hectic for many-it’s just another routine stunt for J-F Pelchat. Whistler backcountry. Sequence: Phil Tifo/The Big Blind