Moves – Switch 270 To Front Boardslides With JP Walker

Switch 270 To Front Boardslides With JP Walker

Before you try this trick, you need to lock down a couple other moves. First, learn frontside boardslides to forward. Next, lock in switch frontside 360 ollies on the flatground ’cause you’ll need to spin fast off the flat for this one. Now you’re ready: start small by finding a funbox or flatbar that isn’t too high off the ground.

1. Ride at the rail switch with a slight angle on your heel edge. It’s critical that you snap your ollie far enough away from the rail that your tail (switch nose) doesn’t hit the rail on the way up and over. If it does, you’ll probably end up lying on your ribs across the handrail.

2. As your tail (switch nose) reaches the end of the takeoff, begin to

ollie and spin by snapping off your nose (switch tail) on the heel

side edge.

3. Pop it up and over the rail, continuing your spin. At 180, slow down the rotation of your upper body while your lower body continues toward 270.

4. You should be contacting the rail now in the front boardslide

position. Lock in by focusing your head and leading shoulder down

the rail. If you keep turning your head, you won’t be able to come

out of the trick back to forward-and that’s the whole “control” part that makes this move dope!

5. You’re locked in-as you come off the end of the rail, snap your board back to forward and ride away solid.

6. Give Cody and Nick at TransWorld a holla once you can do it down a 30-plus stair handrail! Good luck.

Trick tip:

Always attempt this maneuver approaching from the side of the handrail-this way is legit, and it’ll make it easier when you try it on a real handrail. You don’t want to relearn how to take off from the side later on.