Here’s a trick that is easier to do than it looks. The key to an underflip is taking off on your heels. If you take off on your toes … presto——-¿you are once again in rodeo country.

1. Approach the jump with enough speed to clear the deck, but make sure that you feel in control. Taking off out of control will unleash “the hurricane,” and I can assure you that it impresses nobody. As you approach the lip, your body should be ready to spin frontside.

2. Once you’re at the lip, you should be solely on your heel edge with your weight transferred slightly to your back foot. By doing this, you’re setting up for that corked motion you’re looking for. You should then drop your lead shoulder and begin your spin.

3. Now that you are in the air, grab your board for more control and style points. I would recommend grabbing Indy at first, as this is the easiest and also helps with your rotation (I grabbed mute on this one to make it look more like a switch Indy). Once you get it down, try a bunch of different grabs as variety is the spice of life.

4. Continue your rotation, and look for your landing. You should be able to see your landing almost right after takeoff.

5. Release your grab, and get ready¿remember you will be landing switch, so be prepared. If you’re landing in powder, lean back a little.

6. Land, and ride away. Do not claim your victory at this point¿by doing so, you will one day be greeted by “the scorpion.” Oh yes, you will!