Moves – Methods With Bryan Iguchi

There’s a short list of pros with a defining method: Brian, Terje, and Jamie Lynn can all lay claim to ’em. We had Iguchi share some words of wisdom with us.

“The method is the trick that defines a rider’s style for me more than any other. It’s best used on a jump with pop or in a halfpipe, but it can pretty much be done off anything once mastered. I don’t think there’s a better feeling than busting a big solid method.

Getting started, you should have basic straight airs down and feel comfortable with a little hang time.”-Bryan Iguchi

1. Choose a natural jump or a cliff you’re comfortable hitting-think steep, soft landings.

2. Sideslip the run-in and pack out a solid takeoff with a little kick, but not too much or you’re going to get bucked.

3. First, get your speed dialed-do a straight air or two to get the feel of the jump.

4. Visualize doing a perfect method and stomping it. Trust me, this helps a lot more than you’d think.

5. Drop in feeling strong and confident. Get low, bending your knees as you approach the lip.

6. Ollie hard off the takeoff. As you float up and away from the lip, bring your knees toward your lead hand by bending them upward. Extend your rear leg to the side while slightly rotating your hips. As you grab your board, arch your back and raise your trailing arm-this will help you achieve perfect balance and earn extra style points.

7. At the peak of the air, tweak it as hard as you can while maintaining control and spotting the landing.

8. Hold on as long as you feel comfortable, then release the grab. As you unwind, bring both arms out to your sides for balance as the board drops back under your feet. Square your knees up with your shoulders, land, and ride away.

Fluid, flawless, textbook method demonstrated by the Guch, of course. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Photo: Chris Owen

Trick Tip: “Grab the method right between your feet, or just in front of your lead foot-not up by the nose.”