Moves – McTwists With Torah Bright

McTwists With Torah Bright

McTwists are such a fun trick on quarterpipes and in halfpipes!

1. Drop in with a comfortable amount of speed, and set your line down the pipe toward the backside wall-just point it toward the quarterpipe.

2. As you approach the backside wall in the pipe, keep your weight centered and round off to a flat-based approach-if you’re hitting a quarterpipe, you’ll already be flat-based.

3. Ride up the wall just like you’re about to do a straight air.

4. As your back foot leaves the lip, “pop”-this is where you give it a good spin initiation.

5. Throw your front arm down and grab mute, head down-as if you’re trying to sniff your underarm-to initiate the backside rotation and the right axis for the McTwist.

6. Keep looking around, sniffin’ your underarm, and looking for that landing.

7. As soon as you see the landing, your rotation is complete.

8. Put the landing gear down, and bam!-you’ve got it!

A “proper” McTwist on the Snowpark, New Zealand quarterpipe. Sequence: Chris Owen