1) Your start is the key. Make sure you leave your spot riding forward-on the way turn around (to fakie) so all bystanders will know you’re doing this trick the hard way.

2) Okay, so now you’re approaching the transition with some speed, your knees are bent, your hands steady on your sides to keep good balance, and your eyes are targeted to the spot you’re gonna hit.

2a) While going up the tranny, remember that your nose is longer than your tail, so be patient and wait until you feel the end is coming.

3) Jump.

4) Think of a good place to grab.

5) Go for it, and tweak nicely.

6) When you feel like going down, look for a place to land. Hopefully you’re going toward the top part of the transition.

7) the trick, and go have a Pop-Tart at the bottom of the pipe.

8) Bon appetit.