Moves: Frontside Cab

By Nicolas Droz

1. Ride up the jump fakie.

2. Bend your knees at the takeoff, relax your body, and ride on your toe edge.

3. Drop your arm and get your hand ready to grab frontside.

4. Pop off the lip of the jump and turn your head in the direction you’re spinning-make sure your shoulders and the rest of your body follow. At the same time, start reaching to grab frontside.

5. Hold the grab as long as you can.

6. Try to spot the landing as soon as possible so it’ll be easier when you come around.

7. Let your grab go, and stomp it.

Hint: Be sure you have enough speed to clear whatever it is you’re going over-you don’t want to catch an edge going blindside.

Nicolas Droz just recently made the Sims team one of the strongest around by signing on last September. He is a world traveler who hails from France, skates bowls like a champion, and pulls more chicks than anyone.