Technically, the definition for this trick would be a frontside alley-oop tucknee, but I usually call it a frontside alley-oop switch Japan because it sounds way better.

Before trying to get this tweak dialed learn frontside alley-oops and switch Japan or tucknees. The hardest part about this move is finding the right balance when you’re busting out the tweak-it’s a little tricky!

1. Drop into the pipe and stay on your heel edge all the way ’til you take off of the lip. Try to find a good angle to approach the wall-you don’t want to go too straight up it or you’ll end up losing speed, but don’t drive up the wall at too gentle an angle either, ’cause you’ll end up traveling way down the pipe without getting much height.

2. As you’re leaving the lip, get the right pop (depending on if the pipe wall is vert or mellow), and start turning your head and front arm frontside while reaching for the grab with your trailing arm.

3. Okay, now here comes the fun and difficult part. Get the grab, and as you’re rotating frontside, start tweaking the hell out off it while arching your back downhill a bit. This allows you to get everything out of your tweak, but at first it will feel scary and awkward to maintain your balance.

4. So you’re almost at the finish line now, buddy. Hold on to that tweak, and at this point, you should have rotated enough to spot a landing.

5. Put it down smooth. You should be landing flat based or slightly on your toe edge to carry the most speed for the trick you’re about to boost out of the frontside wall.

6. Okay, the last and by far the most important thing to do is to give out props to your!

Trick Tip:

Start out slow and small-this trick requires a way different balance point than an alley-oop melon or frontside grab.