Moves – Frontside 540s With Pro Rider Scotty Arnold

Frontside 540s With Pro Rider Scotty Arnold

All right, you little wanksters out there-you want to be a true G and stomp the shmeal out of a frontside five in the backcountry? Well, here are the steps to “making it” out there in the cold arctic tundra known as the hood. It’s not going to be easy. You’re going to flip over your nose and ragdoll fifteen summersaults down the landing that you just spent two hours building a lip for-and pissing off all your friends-but eventually you’ll pull it off.

1. Buy a backcountry avalanche transceiver and make sure everyone in your crew has one. Go take classes on how to use them properly. Practice regularly by putting a transceiver in a plastic bag and chucking it into a field, then having your friends go look for it, and visa versa.

2. Okay, now you’re ready to chuck. Make sure you have a good idea of the speed you’ll need and point it toward the booter.

3. I go off the lip flat based or off my heels, so as you’re riding up to the jump, lean back just a bit, putting some weight on your heels. As you leave the lip and ollie, begin looking over your front shoulder and initiating the frontside spin.

4. Now that you’re in the air, suck those knees up and grab your board. I grab Indy in this sequence, so as I grab, I’m moving my leading hand and my head in the direction I want to rotate.

5. So you’re in the air, grabbing the board, and your stee is tight-the bros are cheering, you can hear the photog’s sequences firing off like machine gun rounds, and the 16mm camera is echoing across the valley. As you come around 360, you better start looking for a landing.

6. You’re 450 degrees through the rotation now, and the landing is in site! Make sure to adjust your weight a little into the backseat, as it’s a powder landing. Land, keeping your switch nose above the snow so you don’t ragdoll this time-but don’t wheelie out either.

7. Now that you’re riding away clean, people are cheering, and, magically, some babes appear at the bottom of the landing in bikinis. Obviously, the ladies are cold, so ride up and give ’em your coat to warm up in. Start spraying about how sick you are and about that trick you just stomped. If you’re lucky, then maybe those little snow bunnies will creep back to the lodge for some hot cocoa, if you nahsayin’!

Tip: For a fluid front 540, wind up pretty hard before takeoff. Your momentum will carry you through the entire trick, and you don’t have to jerk around the last part of the rotation.