Moves: Frontside 540 Stalefish

Starring Ian Roy

1. Approach the lip with a lot of speed.

2. Let your board go up the lip as if you were doing a straight air.

3. Lead your rotation by turning your shoulders frontside.

4. Bring your board up in front of you and grab stalefish (grabbing with your back hand on your heel edge between your feet) during your first 180.

5. This is where you want to give ‘er some style and tweak it like you wish you could on a skateboard.

6. Keep leading your rotation by turning your head and looking where it is you want to go.

7. Let go of your grab at the very end of your spin and snap your tail on the lip.

8. Ride away smooth, and talk less.

Ian Roy is a twenty-two-year-old Frenchman on the Ride team and just qualified for the Canadian National Team. He lives in Whistler and does the dishes at Emanual Krebs’ house.