In these times, most of the rotation tricks are “hucked” in one way or another. Myself, I’m not much of a hucker. My frontside fives had been gone for a while-sometimes it happens that you lose a trick, all of a sudden you’re not able to do it anymore. Anyway, it came back to me, with a nosegrab, on this sunny day in Saas Fee.

1.Approach the lip with enough speed to get to the landing.

2.The last three feet of the run-in, lean slightly over onto your toe edge-not much, just a little bit.

3.Start your rotation by simultaneously bringing your rear shoulder forward and your leading shoulder and arm toward where you dropped in from. Don’t forget your head, that is what leads your rotation.

(The power you put into the rotation on the lip will determine if the rotation is going to be fast or slow. My tip is to put a lot of power into the spin during the first 180, then you can just float the last 360.)

4.As soon as possible, bring your hand toward the nose and grab.

5.Hold the grab.

6.Hold the grab, and look at your landing spot.

7.Let go of the grab, bend your knees, and land.

Marius Sommer has a busy schedule riding for K2, cutting down big trees with a chainsaw for his duty to the Norwegian army, participating in the PSA, proposing to his lady, turning 25, playing ice hockey, and riding with his fifteen-year-old ripper of a little brother. But he’s not too busy to help you.