Moves – Frontside 360s Into Powder With Shaun White

1. So the first step is spotting and building a booter. This is a lot of fun because everyone gets to hang out and work their butts off. Then it’s finally finished, and everyone is like, “Damn … who’s going to hit it first?”

2. After Travis Rice hits the jump, you should give it a go. Make sure the speed is right, then bomb it. I’d never hit a backcounty jump this big before, so for me it was pretty sketchy. There’s never a perfect takeoff, so you have to make do with what you’ve got. Gunny’s not up here making sure the shit is tight, so just be sure to stay calm and keep your head clear.

3. Hit the jump, which basically means, “I hope I have enough speed to clear this thing.” Most of the time you know right when you leave the lip whether you’ll make it-you should be good. Make sure to swing that front shoulder around. Normally, I drop my shoulder down so I can cork out my spin.

4. Grab that shit, doggie. Bring your board to you and hold on. This is normally the time when I sing songs from my favorite musical Masquerade Show In The Sky, um … you can do whatever you want.

5. Get ready to land. Since this is powder, the rules are out the window. Make sure you’re leaning back but not too far back, or else you won’t stomp it. Your chances of landing are a lot better if you come out of the spin and focus on spotting a landing.

6. Land-which is basically a game of Russian roulette. But from what I’ve learned, the more you try it, the easier it becomes. I’ve paid a visit to “scorpion land” many times, but you’ll get the hang of it. Also, no pressure, but if you make a bomb hole, your friends will hate you for life, so try to hold it together.

Trick Tip:

Wind up plenty for a frontside 360. This way, you’ll float a mellow spin instead of jerking around the second half of the rotation.