Moves – Front 720 Japan In The Pipe With Pat Moore

You better learn how to do frontside sevens consistently in the halfpipe before you even try to tweak out a frontside Japan seven!

1. This trick takes some serious airtime, so drop in goin’ wicked fast toward the frontside wall.

2. Pop off the lip, and begin to rotate your upper body the same way you would for a regular frontside 720-now pull your feet up to your butt to get the sweet grab. This will freak you out, ’cause it feels like you’re jumping into a belly flop.

3. Grab your board on the toe edge behind your front foot, bend your knees, and arch your back like a rubber-band man. This is how you do the Japan grab.

4. Tweak it good, then release your arch quickly to keep the rotation going-but don’t stop grabbing your board, guy!

5. As you come around just past 540, you’ll start to see the landing. Let go of the grab, and follow through with your upper body, dropping your shoulders to match the transition of the tube.

6. Get ready for the landing, and be prepared to land flat-this trick often throws you out into the middle of the flatbottom.

7. If you actually land in transition, get onto your toe edge and look at the next backside wall coming at you. If you land flat, land with your upper body and do a steezy butter trick on the next wall just like Danbo (Danny Kass).

8. Now tell all your friends how cool you are, and give Jake Blauvelt a high five-he thought up this trick in a vision he had one night at Mammoth trying to find the stairway to heaven.

Tip: Front 540s off kickers are quite similar to front 720s in the halfpipe-learn ’em first, and pipe frontside sevens will come easy.

Warning: This is a young man’s trick, and it’ll get ya’ twisted. To the elderly-take up yoga, find the fountain of youth, or forget about it. Mammoth Mountain, California. Sequence: Tim Zimmerman