Moves: Dirksen, Delasalle

Frontside Three

Starring Josh Dirksen

I know you’re out there because I’ve seen you: in the woods of Montana, through the fog in Washington, in the backcountry of Sweden; I’ve watched you at night in Oregon. You’re the kid hiking the jump one more time because you know you’re on the verge of making that trick you’ve been trying for hours. You’ve come close a couple of times, you know you’ll get it. You are driven-locked and loaded.

First you want to find a jump with a flat unrutted take-off that you feel comfortable hitting. Start out with a few straight airs to get warmed up and figure out the necessary speed. Always try to visualize the trick in your head first.

Starting from the same place as your warm-ups, tuck

toward the kicker as straight as possible.

When you reach the lip, try to keep your base as flat as

possible and spring straight off your tail-this will keep you

going straight.

To initiate the frontside spin, turn your head and leading

shoulder as you leave the jump.

Once you’ve left the lip and started your spin, raise up your knees. This will get you more stable in the air and make it easier for you to grab.

When you feel comfortable in the air, reach down and

grab frontside.

To keep the spin going, continue looking in the direction you’re traveling. This will also help you spot the landing early.

Once you’ve spotted the landing, keep your knees bent and remain centered over your board.

Land and ride away.

Twenty-year-old Jsh Dirksen is from Bend, Oregon. He rides at Mt. Bachelor and is probably cool enough to hang out with Embry Rucker. Josh is sponsored by Morrow, Westbeach, Volcom, and Spy.




Backside 180 Starring Dionne Delasalle


The backside 180 Indy grab is a great trick for park riding. Although it’s a little tougher off of powder jumps, it is still one of the most fun tricks in snowboarding and can easily be applied to all types of terrain once mastered.

Approach the jump or hip with a good amount of speed, enough to get you to the landing area. (Do a speed check to find out precisely how much speed is needed.)

Take off on a flat base, and slowly begin the rotation by

keeping your shoulders parallel with your board.

Grab Indy and bone out your front leg. This will keep the spin under control.

Bring your front leg back in slowly while continuing to drift to the landing.

Spot the landing by looking between your legs, and bend your knees to absorb the shock of landing.

Land flat-based, with your weight centered over the top of your board.

Smile and go buy a 60-ouncer of Canadian Club Rye because you have just learned one of the best tricks in snowboarding!

Note: When landing in powder, apply more weight on your front leg to avoid nose-rolling through the deep snow.

Dionne is a twenty-year-old full-time student at Simon Frasier University studying sociology and psychology. Other hobbies include BMXing, skateboarding, traveling, chilling in his hometown of Vancouver, B.C., and

riding Mt. Seymour.