Moves – Daniel Migneault

1. Approach your favorite spot on the frontside wall with controlled speed.

2. Pump up the wall at an angle so that you travel far down the tranny while floating high over the lip. Never go straight up the wall unless you’re on a quarterpipe.

3. This is where it gets fun. Compress your tail, dropping a backside spin as you leave the lip.

4. Rotate your weight forward, just like a McTwist-but you’re not doing a full flip, so stop leaning foward when you feel your head is just lower than your feet.

5. Compress, grab your board, and keep spinning-stay low and relaxed. 6. After rotating just past 400 degrees, you’ll be able to spot the landing by quickly turning your head toward your trailing shoulder.

7. Land back in the vert at the top of the transition, front-foot first with massive speed, ’cause your board is already in a vertical position.

8. Some could argue that this is a McTwist-I say 540. But who cares-ride away happy.