Moves: Cab Seven In The Pipe With Jordan Mendenhall

1. Put in a The Fallen CD and rock out-make yourself psycho.

2. Hike up 100 feet farther than anyone else-drop in switch on your toes. Go so fast that you nearly buckle riding up the toeside wall.

3. Huck off your toes frontside.

4. Now grab your board. I’m a nosegrab person myself, but do whatever blows your hair back.

5. Hold it as long as possible and continue rotating.

6. By now you’ve just spun past 540 and it’s time to spot the landing.

7. Release the grab and prepare for a simple forward landing.

8. Stomp that shit like Bozung or Matty Ryan, and don’t ever, ever claim. I know it’s hard, but get a hold of yourself already.

9. Go do a 900-laters.


Mt. Hood. Sequence: Rob Mathis/True Life