Doing a front-flip in the pipe is a little weird¿it’s not your average trick, and it’s more fun than anything. It also helps if you can do front-flips off jumps or bumps.

1. I’ve found this trick easier to do on your toeside rather than off your heels. Head up the wall toeside with your knees nice and bent.

2. When you’re halfway up the tranny, start to shift your weight a little toward the nose of your board. Keep your eyes on the tip¿this makes it easier to keep your flip under control.

3. Once your nose hits the vert of the pipe, nollie your body into a front-flip. (What I mean by this is you should take your body and do sort of a sideways flip.)

4. Drop your front shoulder down a little, and your back shoulder will follow your head.

5. This trick has a completely blind landing¿you don’t see how high you are or where you’re going to land until it’s too late. It’ll probably take a while to get the right feel for it. You’ll hang your tail up a lot, and you’re going to pop out too much a few times. Try not to get too pissed about it, though¿learning is the fun part.

Good luck,Bobby Meeks.