Moves: Backside Seven Indy With Jeremy Jones

1. Find a good little jump, and build it up nice.
2. Ride up the kicker, and wind up your shoulders in the opposite direction of the backside spin.
3. Unwind, and stay as flat-based as possible, otherwise you’ll boomerang.
4. Sweep your back leg off the lip, and pop!
5. Immediately look over the trailing shoulder for a fast spin.
6. Make any grab of choice, but grab way longer than I
did.7. Around a 540, start to open up and slow the spin down.
8. Spot a landing.
9. Stomp it.
10. Doing all this means you’re probably doing it way better than I do.
Good luck, my friends-happy sevening!

CaptionsThe humble one executes a backside seven way better than most people do. Sequence: Nate Christenson. Location: Utah Backcountry