Yo. I think I was the last pro to actually learn this trick, so I was a little surprised when TWS asked me to write a Moves for it. If you aren’t sick of it yet and would like to learn it, I’ll try to teach it to you. Peter Line invented it.

The sequence shown was actually the first backside rodeo I ever tried. I was super scared to attempt the trick the first few times (there’s just something wrong with going off a jump and intentionally throwing my body as if I’ve caught my heel edge), so originally I got the feel for this trick on the trampoline.

1. Don’t do any warm-up tricks, just go for it right off the bat.

2. On your way to the jump, do a couple small ollies to load the feel of your board into active memory.

3. Remember the feeling you had on the trampoline and use it to calm your fears. Now is not the time to hesitate-if you do, you may be riding home in a helicopter.

4. Just before the lip, begin to relinquish your view of what’s in front of you and focus on pivoting off the back of your heel edge, turning your head and shoulders baskside, and leaning backward toward a backflip. DO NOT INTENTINALLY CATCH YOUR EDGE!

5. This is where it all happens. You’ve got to throw the trick here as you enter the air, grabbing backside softly, and holding on for the ride.

6. If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll see your landing right away,

probably sooner than you expected. This trick is the best “coming in for a landing” trick I’ve ever done.

7. Wait … wait … land. I swear this trick is easy, it just takes a little

getting used to.

Now that I’m over the initial fear I can tell you it feels very natural. You’ve just got to realize the paradox, like Jean Luc Picard in the final episode of Star Trek TNG, “All Good Things.” He realized that the Enterprises from the past, present, and future, were simultaneously causing the anomaly that prevented the beginning of life on Earth. Once he did, Q decided that we, as a species, may have some potential after all and let the human race go on existing. Just like our hero, you’ve got to look beyond your conditioning and realize the paradox. This trick isn’t a backfilp. It isn’t a 540. It’s both. Understand this and you will land on your feet.

I hope I was able to help you learn the most played-out trick in the history of snowboarding. Now go watch Star Wars Episode 1 again and love it.-Jason 'face it before it destroys you, www.jasonbrown.com” Brown