Moves – Backside Five-0s with Laura Hadar

Yo, I want to tell you what I know about backside five-0s. Honestly, I’m not sure that calling it a five-0 is truly correct, because, according to all my dirty lurker skater friends, you need trucks to do a five-0. But we snowboarders love biting their shit, so let’s just keep doing it, okay? Cool.

1. First off, you should be comfortable doing backside 50-50s, which means approaching the rail from the back side instead of hopping on off your toes (for me, backside is easier, anyway). Start out on a small rail and work your way up. Once you can hop onto any rail 50-50, you’re totally ready for a steezy five-0.

2. Find a rail that you’re comfortable hitting but just a bit scared of-just for the whole pushing-yourself fear-factor thing. After you and your homeys build a little kicker at a nice mellow angle (no bigger than boot or calf height, depending on the rail), test the speed.

3. Now, you should mentally go over what you want to do. I like to do a nice backside 50-50 first and really feel out how hard I have to ollie, exactly how fast I want to go, and where and how I’ll be landing.

4. This trick is exactly like a 50-50, but with more style and concentration. As you ollie onto the rail and begin grinding, keep your weight on your back foot, lean back, and pull up your nose with your front foot. Keep your shoulders open and look at the end of the rail. Pull with the front and push with the back. Hold on.

5. Hop off the rail at the end. Make sure to relax and keep your knees bent to make it look really good.

6. Now put a little extra sauce in it and impress some heads-or at least yourself!

“For your first time hitting a street rail, you should look for something like this, with a nice mellow hill to hike and no need for slingshots or drop-in ramps. Having a while to drop in and think about your trick makes it more like a park rail and easier for beginners.”