Moves: Backside 180s With Kale Stephens

Kids, you don’t need to pull out some ballerina shit for every hit on the mountain—backside 180s are one of the funnest tricks, period.

  1. Take off flat-based just like you were doing a straight air.
  2. After leaving the lip, start drifting backside very slowlydrop your back foot down to match your snowboard’s angle with that of the landing.
  3. At this point, your knees should be sucked up to your chest—look between your legs to eyeball the landing.
  4. Prepare for impact.
  5. Try to land completely flat-based with your weight slightly in the backseat, but not too far back.
  6. Ride away clean, and try not to drag your hand like I did.


Sequence: Dice-K Maru. Whistler Backcountry.