Moves 15.8 with Todd Richards

Basically, I don’t think anyone has any business doing Cab 1080s-they don’t really look all that rad. Find a good-sized jump, preferably something soft, ’cause you’re going to come up 90 degrees short the first fifteen times. Go faster than seems necessary-the huck is going to sap a lot of speed. Go off your heels or toes-I initiate the spin off my heels, throwing my front shoulder down corkscrew style. It makes it so you can kind of cheat the spin and get the gyroscope thing goin’. The prerequisite for this maneuver is to get down really solid Cab nines, and then let go at 720 or around 900, and try to spot the landing. The rotation’s not as difficult as you would think-the toughest part is slowing down to ride away clean and not spinning down the landing. When throwing a temporary tornado, there’s a chance you may just spin ’til you hit.

Captions50(a-s)Whoa, champ. Location: Mt. Hood. Sequence: Chris Owen.