Moves 15.6 Nicholas MÅller

Frontside threes are one of the most fun tricks. You can do them over a little bump and also on big jumps-they’re cool. The nosegrab is a bit harder to stay in balance with than other grabs, as you don’t have your left arm to stabilize the rotation. Once you get them dialed, try it 540 or 720-it’s all the same, just spin a little faster. Now don’t think too much about it-go and session with your friends!

1. Drop in fast and relaxed-apply pressure to the heel edge as you approach the kicker.
2. Pop off the tail and look over your leading shoulder-a tiny, little carve turn on the kicker helps.
3. Prepare to grab the nose with your front hand.
4. Catch the nose and twist your body frontside.
5. Try to stay vertical and just chill in this position. Boning out your back leg makes the rotation easier.
6. Chill some more.
7. Spotting the landing comes very late on this trick, so don’t panic. 8. Get the board at the proper angle and land like an airplane.

Caption Nicholas held his nose so long-he damn near fell on his face.St. Moritz, Switzerland. Sequence: