Moves 14.7

Switch backside 540By Brandon Bybee

Before learning how to do a switch backside 540, you should feel comfortable hitting a jump switch. From there, take it step by step, first learning a switch backside 360, and then throw a grab in if you’re feeling it. After you have that, it’s just the matter of committing to the extra 180.

1. See yourself do it.
2. As you approach the jump switch, make sure you’re feeling it.
3. Stay low and keep your knees bent.
4. Keep your base flat but slightly on your toe edge.
5. Wait until your tail (or nose) gets to the end of the jump, and then pop.
6. Drop your back shoulder just a bit, and turn your head.
7. Keep your knees bent, grab your board, and smile, ’cause by now you know you have it.
8. At 360, get ready to land. Let go of your board.
9. Spot your landing.
10. Now just focus on riding away and keepin’ it together. This is a super fun trick. Have a good season. Peace!

Brandon looks at life through rose-colored glasses. He’s a 23-year-old Farmington, Utah native who rides for Alphanumeric, Vans, M3, and Smith.