Moves 14.6:Cab Five Corkscrew By Devun Walsh

14#6 MovesCab Five Corkscrew By Devun WalshSponsors: Forum, Special Blend, Iris

1. Learn Cab five flat spins first, and then maybe learn ’em rodeo. Learning them flat is more important, mainly because you need to get used to the rotation. Find a jump you’re comfortable doing flat Cab fives off of, and you’re ready.

2. Approach the jump with the same amount of speed as a regular Cab five, but make sure when you leave the lip you take off on your heel edge to start the 540 rotation. If you take off from your toes, you’ll most likely do a rodeo.

3. At about 90 degrees you want to dive your front shoulder down toward your back foot and grab mute (this is easy when learning because your hand is right there). By dropping your shoulder you should get off-axis and can start the corkscrew part, but remember you still want to keep spinning-otherwise you’ll just flip straight over.

4. The first couple of times it feels a little awkward, but stay committed to the rotation and the corkscrew.

5. You should get to a point when you realize you’re near the end of the rotation: It comes around and it’ll just slap down perfect, and all you’ll have to do is stand on it. It takes a few times to get the timing right. I know it sounds too easy to be true, but once you do all the basic steps, it just sort of does the work for you.

6. The main step to this trick is a lot of commitment. After you’ve done it, you’ll understand just how it works, and it’ll definitely be one of the best-feeling tricks you’ve ever done. Once you’ve pulled this trick, arrange a giant house party. Call me up and we’ll do this, yeah!

I’m from North Vancouver, Canada, and I enjoy shredding at Whistler and Seymour, skating, golfing, driving all over the freaking place, and most of all, partying with the Wildcats, yeeahh!