By Jeff Anderson

1. I usually approach a park rail straight on (as in this case) rather than a rail that goes down stairs, which I’d hit either frontside or backside. This trick is just a 50-50 to boardslide-not a frontside 50-50 to lipslide nor a backside 50-50 boardslide. It’s just a plain 50-50 to boardslide.

2. When you approach a kinked rail, don’t go too fast or you’ll catch air when the rail kinks down. Approach the rail at medium speed with your board pointing straight at the start of it.

3. As you approach the rail, look at the very end of it and then ollie onto the rail 50-50.

4. This time, I started to boardslide at the top of the second kink; it’s up to you where you turn to boardslide. As the rail kinks down, move your weight forward and turn your board 90 degrees to the boardslide position.

5. As you approach the next kink in the boardslide position, remember that J.P. Walker taught us all how to dull our edges, so you can ignore the kink, slide right off the end, turn back straight, and ride away like Tom Penny.

6. I’m serious about dulling your edges between your bindings while riding kinked rails: if they’re sharp, they’ll dig into the kink, and then you might eat the rail.

Learn 50-50s and boardslides on all kinds of different flat rails to get comfortable, and then just go for it.Jeff, along with his brother Billy, are the pride and joy of Mammoth Lakes, California. Jeff rides for Burton, Oakley, Volcom, and Liberty Board Shop.