Moves 14.5:Jason McAlister

Frontside five on a hip

Nate Dawg: How the hell do you do a frontside 540 on a hip?
Jason: First, you want to start with the basics. I spin frontside off my heels, so learning frontside spins on a straight jump is a good way to get started.

What do you mean you spin off your heels?
Some people spin off their toe edge, but for me, spinning off my heel edge seems to give me a smooth, solid rotation.

Can you still get as much pop off your heel edge?
I think so. It all depends on how you ollie off the lip. It’s more in your legs than in your feet.

So once you have frontside spins on straight jumps down, how do you do them on a hip?
First, you have to find a good frontside hip. After you warm up with some straight airs and you’re feeling comfortable with the kick, then go for a spin.

How much speed should you hit it with?
You can start out going a little bit slower and practice doing a frontside 360, landing fakie so you can get the feel for spinning off your heels. Once you dial that in, try taking it to the next step-540.

What’s the key to getting it 540?
You’re gonna have to go faster than you were for the 360, but the feeling is similar. Instead of rotating just past a 180, you’re gonna rotate just past a 360-on a hip this is called a 540.

Should I be concerned about grabbing my board when I’m first learning this trick?
I think spinning without grabbing is f-king wack! For me, even when learning a new trick, grabbing my board helps keep me smooth and compact in the air. It’s a good habit to always grab your board when spinning ’cause then it becomes natural when you’re doing any trick.

How do you land it?
Frontside fives are pretty easy to land on hips since you ride away forward. The first couple times you try it are a little tricky because your last rotation is blind. When I’m coming around on the last 180, I spot the landing between my legs so I know right where I am in the air. Once you get comfortable with that feeling, it becomes a stock trick, and then you’re ready to move on to the next level.

Jason’s 24, lives in Bend, Oregon with Egge and Dirksen, and rides for Salomon, Bonfire, Gravis, Version, and Side Effect Snowboard Shop.