Moves 14.5: Billy Anderson

50-50 to boardslide to nose-ish slide to fakie
By Billy Anderson
Age: 23
Sponsors: Morrow, Volcom, Oakley

J.P. Walker and Bjorn Leines always slide rails either with their shirts off or in tank tops. But I’m not that tough, so I usually wear a longsleeve T-shirt. When you first try rails you might want to start out wearing a sweatshirt, and then once you begin to get them dialed, you can move on to the longsleeve. If you’re persistent, you can rock short sleeves. And if you practice every day, you’ll graduate to rocking tank tops or even going shirtless. This rail is a little more difficult than you’re standard flat rail-that’s why I pushed up my sleeves.-Billy Anderson

1. Approach the rail with medium speed and get onto the rail 50-50.
2. Pump up the first kink of the rail with your shoulders square and your center of gravity low to the ground.
3. Pop out of the 50-50 and lock into a boardslide. Keep your arms out for balance and look ahead to prepare for the next kink.
4. As you continue to slide the flat section, stay low with your weight forward so you can dive down the next kink.
5. As you’re about to go down the kink, you can throw your legs either to the left or right to noseslide or tailslide down the kink or stay where you are if you just want to boardslide.
6. As you come off the rail, bring your board around to fakie and ride away.

Billy has spent the last seven summers snowboarding in Mt. Hood. He practices rails in the summer at Hood and brings his skills back to Mammoth for the rails in the Unbound snowboard park or any others around town. This winter, Billy plans on training with B.J. in Utah, hoping he’ll eventually be able to cut off his sleeves.