Photos: Mark Imanuel

Back in the day riding a hand dug pipe was the norm. Now it’s a rarity. With superpipes reaching heights of 22ft, and pitches that would be given a double diamond rating by the trail map people, it comes as no surprise that when there is a hand dug pipe people come out. And boy did people come out. Everyone who was in, or around the Breck vicinity came out to ride the glorious hand dug pipe. We could type to you, and tell you what happened, or you could just look at the photos…

Chad Otterstrom. PHOTO: Mark Imanuel.

Chad Otterstrom. PHOTO: Mark Imanuel.


Men's Overall

1. Benji Farrow

2. Brock Waring

3. Rick Rodriguez

Old Dudes

1. Chad Otterstrom

2. Ross Powers

3. Todd Franzen

Best Hand Plant

Todd Franzen (men)

Kim Stacey (women)

Mountain Dew Method :Ross Powers