Mount Snow Dew Tour Halfpipe Finals

Wow, the Winter Dew Tour is over and it was a full-on grand finalé. Total East Coast night: freezing ass cold (-8º), wicked windy and somehow the crazy Vermont spectators were totally down to stand out there and cheer on the riders on this tour-ender, pipe final night. Really wonder if that massive crowd was smelling the glove? They had to be. Then again, the Vermont State Troopers had the Liquor Control RV posted up by the exit, so any would-be DUI revellers who were thinking about driving probably thought twice. Yes, I said East Coast night. And in February, it gets very cold and you gotta do what you gotta do stay warm pipeside. Regardless, the riders were heating it up tonight. Of course they were.

Kaitlyn Farrington took not just the women's pipe victory tonight, but also the overall Dew Tour Cup. Big props and big cash for the 20-year old from Sun Valley, Idaho who rode her ass off at every stop of this part tour. A few weeks back she started nailing the backside seven and pulled it out tonight and settled the women's final. Young Maddy Shaffrick and veteran Kjersti Buaas were also gunning and landed in second and third places, respectively. Big high five out to Kelly Marren who sorta owned it tonight, but ended in fourth. Thankfully the cold temps sped up the pipe and the girls were boosting, so they put on a good show for the crowd.

Like Farrington, J.J. Thomas also doubled-down tonight getting the pipe win and also the overall Dew Tour Cup. Always the gentleman, (despite the creepy mustache) Thomas dedicated his win tonight to Danny Davis, who he said is, "the best pipe rider ever." J.J.'s giant back-to-back ten combos were way overhead and landed smooth to edge out the other dudes in the best-of-two-run final. Second went to Brennen Swanson, a Minnesota kid who was the only one to throw out the double-cork this weekend. He stomped two frontside ten doubles, clean as hell, stomped as hell--one in each run. His Ride Snowboards team manager, Matt Sickels said Swanson has been riding pipe for just three years. Holy shit! is about all I can say to that. Third place went to Steve Fisher who popped out a pair of clean runs. Unity Snowboards' rider Dylan Bidez gets the amplitude award (again, here in Vermont)--his best finish on the tour was a fourth place in Snow Basin last month, but this kid gets the crowd fired up with every run he takes. Dylan's got a little bit of the Scotty Lago in him--never holding back and seriously booming on each and every wall. One day soon Bidez will be on the podium. That other contest--the Olympics opened up a lot of slots in the Dew Tour and gave an opportunity to a bunch of fresh, young kids for this final event. Nice to see some new blood in the final.

So that's the quick and dirty on the Mount Snow Dew Tour. Big crowd, big guns from the riders and pretty soon the Transworld team of internet nerds will be hitting the big wrap-up party. Its with a touch of sadness that we say farewell to this year's tour, but at least nobody will have to hear any more "Tech spin!" or "Big grab!" commentary from the live announcer who was on the mic this weekend. Because, it's now officially done. Huge respect to every rider who went out there this season and gave it their best shot--no matter if they made the podium or finished DFL. Competitive snowboarding is no joke and the riders make the whole thing happen. Our hats off to you all.