Most Wanted

Short Attention Span

The new iPod video kills all the others, but due to the small screen size, I find it’s best to stick to comedies that you can casually watch off and on. To get movies, just download Handbrake online for free and rip DVDs into iTunes, then watch them on your iPod video. A full-length movie compressed is about 250 megabytes, so you can fit a lot on these things-a couple-hundred movies easy.-Nick Hamilton

iPod, $299-$399

Blast Away

The Airblaster Airgoggle is “simple, clean, comfortable, functional.” No unnecessary bells or whistles. They will protect your eyes from flying insects, branches, snowballs, Stooge-inspired eye gouges and, most importantly, the sun’s harsh rays. And they’re available in a variety of colorways and a limited Travis Parker edition.

Also pictured is Airblaster’s second generation Terryclava-now with a mouth hole, so you can ice grill anyone you please while keeping the rest of your mug nice ‘n’ cozy. Though lacking the full-face ninja-like qualities of the original Terry, this model promotes deep breaths, open mouth kissing, and keeps your ‘clava from getting all mouthed up and/or frozen over.-Evan LeFebvre

Airblaster Airgoggle, $75, and Terryclava, $20

Ready To Wear

This Coal beanie has built-in sag so you don’t have to do all that weird adjusting on the chairlift-you know, pushing the back end down with your gog’ strap. Even better, it’s the perfect length, and it’s made of a blend of Angora wool. This model comes in olive, brown, gray, and black. Better grab it early season, this one’s definitely gonna sell out.-Annie Fast

Coal Taylor beanie, $40

Get The Shot

With 7.1 megapixels, this is Canon’s top model in the Digital ELPH line. It comes with all the bells and whistles-a massive 2.5-inch LCD screen, video capabilities, and sixteen shooting modes. I never leave home without this thing. Tip: find a cushy case for your little friend because nobody likes a scratched screen.-Amber Lussier

Canon Powershot SD550, $297

Screw You

I promised myself that I would ride with a tool this winter. This one doesn’t give me hippers when I slide out on nose wheelies-it’s even got a tape measure.-A.F.

Bakoda Bentley, $35

Build A Quiver

This is it, the winter we start building our quivers. Yeah, we’re going the way of the surfer, assembling a collection of boards in the garage: rail board, all-conditions board, deep-ass powder board, and this-like the Fish of surfboards-the Malolo. Burton promises that the mellower nose-to-tail tapered shape will sink the tail but keep the nose afloat to increase speed in deep snow. Thanks to this mellower taper, the board can also ride just as well on the hardpack. Maybe this is a one-board quiver-hey, that’s no fun!-TWS Staff

Burton Malolo, $450