A full moon rose over the quiet surf town of Encinitas, California and slowly the shred heads came a howlin’ into town for the world premiere of Absinthe Films’, More. One by one they were lining up outside La Paloma theater and next thing you know it was a full-blown snow top prize (better word)

I talked to Absinthe’s Patrick Armbruster, got my ticket, got inside, grabbed a seat and it was on. Take tight shots of Travis Rice, Gigi Ruf, and Nicolas Mueller slaying pillow lines, film it on a wire follow cam system, and put it to the transcendental sound of Pink Floyd, and you’ve stoked out even the most clueless snow bunny in the theater. At least that seemed to be the general consensus from all the hootin’ and hollerin’ going on.

The real breakthrough was the wire follow cams. I can’t imagine how much time and money they spent to setting those things up, but it was the sweetest thing I’ve seen since sliced bread—awesome.

After the movie it was off to the bar. Gigi showed, Trice was chillin’. Kurt Wastell, Chris Coulter and a bunch of New Mexicans were taking shots, Matty Ryan and Justin Bennee were kickin’ it, the Laser Gun Kids were in the house, Satellite was representin’, the Richards showed, and I even saw the Flying Tomato hanging around outside. You should have been there, but since you weren’t, check out the slideshow of pics from the night’s madness.