More Photo Tips

Here’re some more tips from some of our photographers …

“Never shoot a photo standing up.”-Chris Brunkhart

“When you make a mistake, say you blow getting a sequence of a good trick, just tell the rider you’ve got it but that he had shitty style. Then tell him he should do it again. This will fool the snowboarder onto believing you’re a perfectionist and not a loser.”

-Whitey McConnaughy

“Shoot a lot of film-it’s only film. Don’t get stressed over it-it’s only snowboarding. I don’t know, it’s not like I’ve been doing this for very long.”-Mark Gallup

“Whichever short of photography you choose to be in, you must be focused, organized, and have planned on paying your dues.”

-Kevin Zacher

“It’s not the camera body that’s important, it’s the lens that makes a difference.”-Shem Roose By TWS Photo Staff

“I want the viewer to do a lot of the work and feel uncomfortable. They should be made to feel responsible for their own view of the world, rather than the photographer’s.”-Ari Marcopoulos

“Look, learn, and see for yourself!”-Scott Needham

“Just think, 'Film is cheap!’ Don’t be afraid of taking pictures ’cause of the money issue. You’ve got to take a lot of pictures in order to gain experience-it’s the most important thing.”-Jeff Curtes