Monument Snowboards Launched

Monument Snowboards is proud to announce its first snowboard line, the RT series. The 2002-2003 model is being released in limited quantities for the 2001-2002 year. Monument Snowboards are being manufacturered in California at the Monson Factory, with five to six different lines planned for next year.

Monument is a collaboration between Capitol Board Room and Dalla Villa Designs, a design firm with offices in Norfolk, VA and Washington DC.

“We wanted a high-end board with sick graphics on them so riders get the best of the both worlds, at a mid-end board price. We felt that Monson could help us with that, and we’re pretty stoked about these boards,” says owner Dave Tran.

Monument will be featuring high end to price point boards for the 2002-2003 season and a snow/skate team will be announced this spring. The high end boards have a MSRP of $450, but will sell for $389.99 exclusively on the Capitol Board Room web site, based out of Fairfax, VA.

In addition to snowboards, Monument will be manufacturing skate decks, and a clothing line. “We wanted to start an east coast brand that’s driven by quality and punk rock, and get it to the kids at an affordable price,” says Tran,”Most of the new companies are West Coast or Mid West, and there aren’t too many east coast companies that riders want to associate themselves with. That’s why we’re here.”

Monument Snowboards and Skateboards can be purchased exclusively at Capitol Board Room ( To purchase a snowboard, go to Capitol Board Room to buy one now!