Monson Snowboards Now Focuses on Retailers

Montclair, CA: By popular demand and utilizing Monson’s in-house manufacturing, marketing and design expertise, Monson now has dedicated a large portion of focus marketing line to retailers.

Monson has been creating OEM custom branded snowboards over the last 6 years for clients such as Disney, Dannon & the US Snowboard Team, Microsoft, Nestle, PowerBar, Hewlett Packard, Sobe Beverage, the X-Games and the 2002 Winter Olympics.

“We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality snowboard…” says Richard Monson, President “… using the latest in R & D, materials, designs, technology and workforce experience.”

Our quest for the best includes our graphic designs, all of which were generated through last year’s 2nd annual snowboard design contest. The final designs came out of 1825 submissions from as far away as China, Thailand, Hungary, Turkey, Columbia, Russia, and Australia.

Stop by our web site and check out or latest line of designs and learn more about the 3rd annual Monson Snowboard Design Contest (the first internet design contest, as featured in International Design Magazine).

For any info about Monson Snowboards or if you have any questions or comments about our product line, web site or design contest, please email us at or call (909) 931-4911.