Mitsubishi Partners With Burton On Chill

At the Greater LA International Auto Show this weekend, Mitsubishi and Burton Snowboards will announce their joint sponsorship of the Chill Foundation, a program that provides an entire season of snowboarding to at-risk youth. A one-of-a-kind Montero Sport mid-size SUV was designed in a collaborative effort between automotive and snowboard designers and features an extreme graphics package and aftermarket accessories. This vehicle will be unveiled for the first time at the LA Auto Show.

At the Auto Show, there will be presentations by Mitsubishi’s Ellen Gleberman, senior vice president, legal, government relations and public affairs; Burton Snowboards’ Jenn Davis, director of the Chill program; and Lisa Mayeda, spokesperson for “A Place Called Home”, the participating children’s organization.

The Chill Foundation is a remarkable program that will help hundreds of kids from inner city LA.