MissionSix Distributions Hires New Reps

MissionSix Distributions the parent company for MissionSix and Monix Outerwear has loaded up its sales force. Monix Outerwear has hired Eric Wallis in Northern California and Northern Nevada. Eric already handles sales for Mission Six as well as Option Snowboards. Eric brings a lot of experience and momentum to the table for Monix. We look forward to the growth Eric’s industry experience will have on Monix.

Darrin Nielsen better known as DI has just come on board out in the Rockies. Big DI brings great sales experience and industry relationship to the team. DI has produced a ton of growth for Rome Snowboards in his territory and we look forward to the impact he will have with both MissionSix and Monix.

Laura Bigler who has been killing it for Nikita Clothing in the Mid West has now been hired by Monix. Laura will be working very CLOSELY with Nick Karels one of the strongest industry reps in the Mid West. Nick has done great things for both MissionSix Outerwear and Academy Snowboards in the Mid West. Laura brings a strong sales and marketing background to the Monix sales team.

Last but certainly not least Jessica McMenamin will be handling the sales in the Mid Atlantic territory for Both MissionSix and Monix. Jessica has been involved in the action sports industry for many years and brings a tremendous amount of sales experience. Jessica worked as Burton’s rep for several years in the Mid Atlantic but has moved over to some of the strongest up and coming companies in the industry like WE Clothing and Nikita, and now joins MissionSix and Monix Outerwear. We are proud to bring Jessica on board, and are anticipating great things from her.

Mission Six Distributions is stoked to have you all on board and is looking forward to a great year. We are committed to having a sales team who you will most likely first meet on a chairlift not just at the trade show. MissionSix and Monix are rider owned and operated, and committed to providing outerwear technology and style that brings distinction among all other outerwear brands. HAVE YOU NOT NOTICED YET? Thanks to all our dealers and supporters who have, we thank you for your loyalty and commitment. To get more information you can go to www.missionsix.com or www.monixclothing.com.