Misschief – TWS catches up with the crew of the most successful women’s snowboard films ever.

TWS catches up with the crew of the most successful women’s snowboard films ever.

Girls just wanna have fun, and it seems they want to have fun more than once. Fabia Gruebler and Amber Stackhouse are back with Misschief Films’ second release, Ro Sham Bo. This year the producers went into filming with a bigger budget, some fresh blood, and the confidence garnered from the success of Misschief’s first film, …As If! The end result is a movie that they hope surpasses last year’s freshman debut.
The girls filmed in the Whistler backcountry, Germany, Austria, Bosnia, Japan, and all over Utah last winter. They attacked gnarly street rails with precision and style, got creative on jibs, and got their spin on in the backcountry. Anne Flore Marxer, Annie Boulanger, Hana Beaman, Laura Hadar, Erin Comstock, Victoria Jealouse, and Natasza Zurek all threw down for Ro Sham Bo.
Even estrogen-heavy endeavors need a little testosterone to make things complete. A crew of filmers caught the best and worst of the season, including Pascal Gallant (Defective Films and Mack Dawg), Justin Hare (Robot Food and 91 Words), Aaron Leyland, and Jeremy Miller. To make everything look pretty at the end, editing prodigy Per-Hampus Stalhanbske spent the better part of a summer in Whistler crafting the movie with his signature style.
Co-founder Amber Stackhouse knew without a doubt that Ro Sham Bo would step it up from the last movie. “The level of women’s riding improves steadily each season, and we’re just there to document it,” she said. Committed to showing not just the riding, but the personalities of some of the best female pro-snowboarders in the world, Misschief single-handedly opened up a world of opportunity for young girl shreds who want to make a living snowboarding.
But it isn’t all sparkles and unicorns. According to Stackhouse, the bail section is one of the craziest parts of the new video. It’s a full seven minutes long. If anything, it gives a glimpse at next season. What will these girls be landing in ’07? Ro Sham Bo, if anything, is not only an indication that Misschief Films is here to stay, but also that progression in snowboarding still exists-sometimes in unexpected places.